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Dr. Manfredi Education – New Fairfield Chiropractic

Dr. Manfredi Education

Dr. Ralph Manfredi has earned a Master’s Degree in Nutritional Science. Nutrition is the fuel your body needs to operate smoothly and at its optimum level. Incorporating a balanced diet with the proper nutritional plan will allow your body to create energy, perform better, and recover faster. Whether you are an athlete, construction worker, secretary, stay at home parent, or anything else in between, proper nutrition is essential to a balanced and healthy life.We incorporate nutritional recommendations into our chiropractic care, because we realize the importance of nutrition on how effective your chiropractic treatments will be. If your body is being fueled by the proper nutrients, you will receive maximum benefits and results from your chiropractic visits. Call today and learn more on how we incorporate into our chiropractic care.

At The New Fairfield Chiropractic Center, nutrition’s role in achieving and maintaining optimum health is taken very seriously.

Since the early years of high school, while in a biology class, it became apparent to the young Ralph Manfredi that “you are what you eat.” Majoring in biology in college and earning a masters degree from the University of Bridgeport in Nutrition Science (year 2000), have all been foundational to Dr. Manfredi’s knowledge of nutrition’s role in wellness.

Most recently, Dr. Manfredi has earned a post-doctorate degree from the Council of Diagnosis of Internal Disorders. This ACA recognized body of professionals specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of internal disorders through the use of nutritional methods (vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals, and complex nutritional formulations [including herbs, etc]).

If you visit The New Fairfield Chiropractic Center regarding any health concern, Dr. Manfredi’s approach to your diagnosis and treatment will always include the nutritional aspects of your healing and recovering of optimum health.