TESTIMONIALS While visiting a relative in Danbury on a Saturday morning this summer, I experienced extreme pain in my right knee. My aunt suggested I call her Chiropractor, Dr. Ralph Manfredi in New Fairfield. I didn’t expect to get an appointment on such short notice, but to my astonishment later that morning Dr. Manfredi had conducted a thorough examination, diagnosed a torn meniscus and outlined a schedule of treatment to my schedule.Since I’ve had previous experiences with Chiropractic care, I believe I can speak with some degree of understanding. In my judgement, Dr. Manfredi raises the bar for excellence in the Chiropractic profession. He outlined the step of my treatment in detail and in laymen’s language. His concern for the well-being of his patients is genuine, his people skills extraordinary, and his staff highly professional and pleasant. I chose to make a weekly 54 mile round-trip from my Norwalk home to New Fairfield rather than switch to a Chiropractor for convenience’ sake. I am 100% back, and I credit Dr. Manfredi’s care for my recovery. J.D. CutlerI have been a patient and an advocate of Dr. Ralph Manfredi since the mid 80’s. I believe in his methods of treatment for the active competitive athletes. As the former Head Track and Cross Country Coach for over 25 years in New Fairfield, all of my athletes who indicated athletic discomfort of any notion were all encouraged to be evaluated by Dr. Manfredi first. His methods are to keep the athlete safely training through injuries to minimize unnecessary downtime. He educates and treats the athlete so that they understand how to prevent injuries before they occur. Under Dr. Manfredi’s care, I never had an athlete suffer a season ending injury. I have trusted his evaluations for myself, the teams that I have coached and my own children who are all highly accomplished athletes. Dr. Manfredi is one of the few medical professionals I truly trust.

Tim Murphy Head Track and Cross Country Coach 1988-2012, Pole Vault Coach, Danbury High 2012 to present, Assistant Chief Respiratory Care, Westchester Medical Center

Nicole Thorp – I’ve been suffering from terrible neck and back pain for years. Sometimes it’s
worse than others, but overall a constant. My pain became so intense that I had
to quit my job, and stay at home to rest. After weeks of rest and chiropractic
care, with no improvement, I was extremely frustrated and concerned.  Dr. Ralph
Manfredi suggested that I take an allergy test with Immunolabs, as he believed
that food could be the reason I wasn’t healing. To be honest, I didn’t think
food could be the reason I was in so much pain. I’m already a very healthy
eater, and due to allergies, I have been gluten free and dairy free for 10
years. However, I was determined to try anything at this point, and trusted Dr.
Manfredi, so I took the test.

I was shocked with the amount of foods I’m
intolerant and sensitive to! My biggest shock was eggs, and garlic! Two things I
eat all the time. This was a bit overwhelming at first, but the program comes
with DVDs, a personalized diet program for you, and an allergist and
nutritionist that you can talk to or email when you need to. It’s been 4 weeks
since I changed my eating habits, and I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER! Praise God!
My average daily pain was at an 8, and now I’d say a 3! I can feel my body
strengthening and getting healthy! I seriously recommend everyone to take this
test. For $300, your blood is tested against 115 foods, you receive an awesome
package(diet plan, recipes, tons of information to prepare you), and you get
your health back! Do yourself a favor, and go take the test.