COLD LASER THERAPY The technology of Cold Laser Therapy has been around for about 30 years and have painlessly treated chiropractic patients world wide. Cold Laser Therapy is effective in targeting acupuncture trigger points, and stimulating deep tissue with laser protons. Many people have found Cold Laser Therapy to be an excellent alternative to acupuncture and surgery, as well as a regular part of their chiropractic care.

Cold Laser Therapy Has Been Known To Help With:

Back pain

Chronic Pain – Muscle strain

Soft tissue injuries

Ligament sprains

Tendonitis – Arthritis

Tennis elbow

Bursitis – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Benefit of Cold Laser Therapy



Easy to apply

Safe – Non-Toxic

No side effects

Cost effective for both the practitioner and patient

Reduces the need for surgery